As I see it, there are two kinds of wedding photography. One approach is stylistic and heavy on posing, as though each photo is for a cover of a fashion magazine. This is a great approach, but it's not me. The other approach is editorial, or more broadly, candid. I like to just let you enjoy your day, and I'll be there to capture the moments and reactions. I will instruct you at times, to either put you in great light, go to a great spot, or walk towards me holding hands, or lean in for a kiss or embrace, but most of the time you'll be at ease, living in the moment.

How would you describe your photography style?

My editing style is all about authenticity. What does that mean? I don't really use filters that will change the nature of the colours you've taken so long to choose. So my style is all about vibrant colours, deep blacks which I hope brings a cinematic aesthetic to my photos. I also love black and white images, so you'll get a bunch of them too.

How long do we have to wait to get our full gallery of images?

In most instances I aim to to get the full gallery to you within a month of the wedding. You will receive a sneak peek of about 12 images within 24-48 hours of your wedding.

Do you do much photoshopping?

The final gallery that you'll receive will be professionally edited for things like colour, tone, small cropping and a few things to make the images pop. Photoshop is an epic tool, and I'll use it to brush over the obvious things; pimples, marks on the dress, or random dragonfly. If you want to go one step further (like Photoshopping in a relative that couldn't be there for family photos) that may incur an additional cost.

Yes, absolutely. Having worked in the wedding industry for the last five years, first as an MC with Entertainment Adelaide, and now as a photographer, I've worked with some wonderful humans. Let me know and I can recommend some outstanding suppliers.

Can you recommend a trusted videographer?

My packages don't include a second photographer. I can provide one for $250 an hour for a minimum of two hours. Sometimes a second shooter can be great if the timing doesn't work for bride and groom prep, or you have a large wedding.

Do you provide a second shooter?

What happens if you get sick?

In the unlikely event that I'm too sick to shoot your wedding, I'll arrange a replacement who has a similar style.

Can we meet in person before we book you?

Yes, absolutely. I'm always keen to meet couples before you book, whether we grab a coffee or a glass of wine. We can also meet over Skype or Facetime.

Can you help in planning our day?

Yes, absolutely. I can provide advice on timings and how long parts of the day will take. It can be a little overwhelming trying to ensure you have time for everything, but we can work through that together. Having worked weddings for a long time, I've got plenty of tips around the ceremony, reception and how much time you'll need.

Can you reserve a date?

Unfortunately, I can't hold a date until a non-refundable booking fee is paid. Once that has been received, I'm all yours and your date is locked in. I do offer a 10% discount to all couples who wish to pay in pull at time of booking.

Do you charge a booking fee or deposit?

Yes, to secure a booking, I require a 25% non-refundable booking fee. Unfortunately, if you decide to change your date after you've booked, I can only honour the booking if I'm available. As I'm sure you can appreciate, I have other couples who book well in advance, and I can't cancel their booking to honour yours. If for whatever reason this happens, I can recommend other photographers.

Are you chill...? We just want to enjoy our day without too many instructions.

Oh my goodness yes - I'll be enjoying a celebratory glass of champagne with your grandma, and if your DJ or band play I Wanna Dance with Somebody by Whitney Houston, then look out, the dance floor is mine.

Be in the moment, and i'll do the rest.

Authentic, elegant and candid photography.

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