My journey into photography started about five years ago with a hand-me-down film camera. Six months later I was snapping away on a trip to Europe and discovering the joy of seeing life through a 35mm lens.

People often said I had a good eye, and while I’d like to think they were referring to my baby browns, catching authentic moments always came naturally.

Fast forward to 2023, and I’m snapping loved up beautiful people, as my eyes get glassy behind the camera. I promise I wasn’t getting emotional at the vows; it’s just hay fever.

My photography style is all about authentic candid moments – the slide of hand, fingers intertwined, the lingering half smile after laughter. Be in the moment, do your thing and i’ll be there to catch the moments. The kind of moments you’ll wack in a frame and put on your wall next to the photo of your fur baby.

My editing style is all about popping colours and deep blacks, making sure the colours you’ve chosen shine through – no filters here. Greens will be greens and blues will be blue.

So in-between drinking V60 pour-over coffee, shopping for Nike Air-Max 90s and finishing my second novel, I’d love to meet you.

Some stuff you need to know about me

I'm obsessed with

I actually have a degree in

Pour over V60 coffee

Creative Writing and Literature

I've worked in the wedding industry for

Nothing makes me happier than

Five years - first as an MC now as a photographer

A glass of red on a

Sunday arvo with loved ones

I’m addicted to

My ultimate life goal

Ice cream with Ice Magic!

Self-publish my second novel

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